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david pierce

    I probably only know what you know from the internet information. He has a page that shows his line of watches and they look nice but he did not even list the prices for them. On my end of things I acquired a 4″ rotary table with dividing plates and a tailstock for the mill that I described to you previously. Roger Smith cuts his gears with a Schaublin lathe and a miling attachment attachment (there is one up for sale on Ebay for a starting bid of $1200.00) made for that lathe. His gears are really nice looking but I think I can make some decent gears with the equipment I have. I just bought a staging microscope off of the internet and am in the process of unpacking it today. There seems to be a lot more interest in repair than manufacturing as I have only found a small number of people interested in this line of interest. It will be slow going but it is going.