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    With the companies you have stated I understand it would be essential to get this part of the watch right and so invest the time and money but, according to Saunier a watch appeared in London around 1675 with a balance spring, I am sure they wouldnt have sourced their hairspring from meadows and passmore, are you saying in this day and age it cant be done? Saunier in his book (Saunier’s Treatise on Modern Horology) also goes on to describe how a hairspring can be made and also tells you what equations to use for the correct strength and oscillation etc. As I stated earlier, It can be done but would require some research and possibly the making of some tools, which, in the way of time and money might not be practical. I have spoken to a real living person that was producing his own hairsprings at a BHI meeting. As a Swiss watchmaker you would be taught to make your own hairsprings, they could be purchased but the skills were taught so you could do it. At the end of the day it all depends on how much you want to do it.