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    Hello, I just found this post because I’m having verge issues. It seems that verge issues are very common and not talked about much. Maybe I just don’t know how to search for topics or something. Maybe I’m not using the right keywords.
    I’m working on a clock of my own. It’s a Seth Thomas with an 89 in it. As you can see from the pictures the verge is in pretty bad shape. It needs to be filed smooth.
    After I smooth the impulse faces will I have to check the angles and set it back to an efficient drop? I’m not sure how to do that . I’m hoping this post from William and Bob will shed some light on it.
    Will someone direct me to the best explanation you know of on this topic? A book or a video or forum. I just can’t seem to find anything I can grasp.
    Maybe I just don’t understand what is right so I keep thinking things are wrong when there not.
    Thanks, Danny