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    Thank you Bob, that is what confused me in a previous thread, I do think I have a better handle on it now and will continue to think it thru. if I am catching you right, if the 2 distances from the anchor pivot point to the pallets are different then I would draw 2 separate size circles for the LaBounty method, that makes sense now. I was a little confused when he said “divide that value in half”, I added the 2 measurements then divided by 2 for a average then divided in half 🙄 I also see how bending outward will reduce the exit pallet impulse face size a little, same with the entry side. I think it will be alot easier to adjust with much better accuracy now by drawing what I need. If I were to make new verges would I use a carbon steel??? I think I can buy blank verges from one of the supply houses.. One more thing at this time, I may keep bugging you but I am sure it will end soon and you will be free :D :D I just miss bugging Paul!!!!…….since we are talking about a 1/2 deadbeat verge then we really do not have to worry about the lock being at 90 degrees. the true dead beat being configured by the radius of the pallet center traveling 90 degrees from the travel of the tooth, creating a dead stop at impact. our 1/2 deadbeat will recoil slightly because of the pallet radius being tighter, entry and exit, and we dont really worry about the 90 degree rule, just as long as we get all the power we can by having the impulse faces at 45 degrees to the tooth travel, right?????? O.K. now my brain just did a flip flop 😯 I’ll post this, yall can have a laugh and Ill get back to the drawing board. Thanks, William