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Bob Tascione

    Hi William,
    Yes that’s a half deadbeat. From what I can tell from the pics (good pics by the way) it looks pretty good. These escapements are great timekeepers but are more temperamental than the recoil. They don’t hold up well to power loss in the train due to dirt, pivot hole wear, worn pivots, tired or wrong mainspring etc. as compared to the recoil escapement and are more susceptible to stopping when out of beat. Also this escapement won’t perform well when over powered so they are designed to have just enough power to run the clock plus a tiny bit more to overcome slight wear and dirt where as the recoil escapement can be over powered and as a result is very forgiving when it comes to the movement being out of beat, dirty, and worn out! You won’t have much drop with your half dead beat and very little over swing from the pendulum after lock which keeps the recoil way down resulting in a much more accurate escapement. So… your problem may simply be that the movement is losing power somewhere and just doesn’t have enough left to keep the escapement going.
    If the drop on both pallets is equal and the lock is correct (not dropping onto the impulse face but locking on the locking face of the pallet) then my guess is that the escapement is fine and under delivery of power is the problem. Again from what I can tell from the photos things look pretty good but my eyes might be playing tricks on me so please let us know how the drop and lock look when testing the escapement action.