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    Thanks for the input Charles. this is part of a batch of about 12-15 watches that are all fully-wound, They won’t budge. All the watches i have that are in need of repair, that will work in the “wind” position, do not have that type of “click” assembly. there are some great drawings in “Practical Watch Repairing”, but the author doesn’t spend one sentence describing how it is intended to work. I am developing an idea, which may be all wrong, but I’ll try it out. Since these types of “motion works” are mainly on inexpensive watches, maybe they are not intended to be cleaned separatly from the plates. This is probably all wrong, but it makes a kind of sense to me. I have taken 2 of the assemblys apart, and they are so flimsy I don’t know if they would even stay still in the cleaner. thanks again. take care all………b