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    Eventually I will evolve into a system similar to what you are talking about with drawers. Will place dividers in shallow drawers segregated for movement calibers. Will still keep parts in containers as they can be hard to see sometimes. Just this past Friday I took the stem out of a watch, placed it in a tin and proceeded to look for it for several minutes even though I knew where it was supposed to be. Right now I seem to be kind of picking broken Omega 1001s to work on because I just like that watch and sometimes I can find one listed as broken that is pretty easy to fix. I helped clean out an old watch makers shop several years ago and he had drawers similar to the old card drawers they used to have in the public library, except that he had one wall of his shop devoted to these drawers. Before you all get too excited about cleaning out his shop another watchmaker had already been there and got all the good stuff.

    Charles K