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    Hi Jimmy, Those darn things are called pressure clips and they can be a real bear. They are not the same as a split ring because the pressure clips don’t sit in a slot on the shaft like the split ring. The tool you are using is fine but to get these off, you might have to take a small file to the split ring pier tips to get them to fit the clip a little better. Once you get just a little pressure to open the gap try and get a very small screw driver under the clip and gently lift it just off the plate. Remember this clip has to slide off the shaft (hence Pressure clip) once you have a little clearance between the plate and the clip, you can then hopefully get a better bite with the split ring pliers and slide it the rest of the way off. I wish you well.

    Keep in mind when reassembling the movement, placing the clips back onto the arbor/shaft, to make sure you have some end shake ( play ) otherwise you will have a problem with binding.

    Good luck