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    Actually I think a picture would help me. If you look at area underneath where you type for your post you will see a tab called upload attachment. Hit that and you can attach picture. Now I might guess that what you are describing is a type click spring that prevents watch from rapidly unwinding. Sounds like when you removed it the mainspring unwound which would then allow you to wind watch. You would have to hold mainspring barrel otherwise it would again unwind. Sounds as if all watches are fully wound. Look for a small wheel with one tooth next to the ratchet wheel on the mainspring barrel. Try to wind watch and this wheel should loosen a bit. Hold it open (away from mainspring) and this will allow you to let down the mainspring. Now without a picture I’m just guessing. If you check this link you may see a similar type of spring that I think you described attached to a wheel near mainspring barrel. If this is what you have letting down power is similar to what I described earlier. Just have to disengage end of spring from wheel while holding crown back then unwind watch. Hope I was some help.