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Bob Tascione

    Hi Bear and Peter,
    I too hope that you didn’t take offense as Peter is giving good advise to all of us. As far as your disability goes it doesn’t show. Your posts are good and clear. When in doubt though just try to pour on a bunch of info about a watch because as Peter says that extra bit could bring it all together. The digital camera is about the biggest help you can find when it comes to technical horological forums so if you need any help at all figuring out how to post pics up here just let us know. It can be a little tricky at first but gets easier after that first one.
    You know I think both of you are right about the type of setting mech. Peter I do cover negative and positive setting but I think B is right about not covering the type that he has. I do cover stem setting though and not just lever (in the Stems, Sleeves and Crowns section). I’ll check but I think that’s correct.
    In any event a picture of either side of the movement would have revealed what you had and the first thing that would have been suggested would be to check that screw. Knowing that it was a 16 size rather than the 18 size which I too thought it was would also have helped. No harm done though B…you’re just starting out! When you go through the forum and see how many times I leave out important info (and I’ve been doing this stuff for a while so have no excuse) you’ll realize you’re doing just fine!
    Sorry if it seems like I’m taking sides on this one Peter but that “b” is short for “Bear” 😈