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    Hi AC mains electric sewing machine motor will work ok .
    The down side is at low speed the motor will not rotate smoothly and you will lose torque.
    Use a 12v DC motor and a bidirectional speed controller, you can have a very smooth rpm from 1rpm to 3000 +rpm and very little loss of torque.
    Both the DC motor and a bidirectional speed controller are on EBay, or you can salvage a 12v cordless hand drill everything you want is there.
    bidirectional speed controller link.
    Motor example link http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DAYTON-DC-Motor-1LWK8
    To convert the mains AC voltage to 12vDC use a liner converter, (laptop power supply)
    The above will give you a very versatile setup in forward and reverse motion, without the use of a complicated pulley system.
    Hope this helps. Roger.