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    Hi twoess, If the pivot hole is worn oval 😯 then you want to rebush, I can get picky when I rebush a clock especially if it is for someone else, I see that the cost of a bushing is minimal compared to the time it takes to redo things later, and like you said @twoess wrote:

    Better safe than sorry.

    I like the idea that I did the best I could with it. I have been testing the bushing wear by seeing if the tilt of the pivot arbor is more than 5 degrees in any direction although I would like to hear some feedback on this from some others ;) Soooooo if it were me and I had it apart already, I would bush whatever needed it. If I were looking at it and the clock was running and I wasnt going to go thru it, yes the coo-coo clocks have a little more tolerance for wear. Might be a good habit though to treat all processes for whatever clock it may be, the same. If you were to create any bad habits some things might not fly with, say, a turn of the century German Vienna wall clock. hope what I am saying is o.k., I hold myself to the same. I prefer my craftsmanship to be as good as I can make it bringing into account my limited knowledge. Have fun :D William