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    Hi barkerclaudia, I have been watching your post :ugeek: , I decided to stay out as Bob and Paul are the best at giving good advice :geek: . I just thought I would say congrats up to now ;) and a word of encouragement. First, dont ever give up, I have this saying on my shop wall with a little drawing, take a look :D I have had a couple of very frustrating clock jobs recently and as we have all talked about and experienced, I have had to walk away a few times :? , calm down and rethink. It helps me alot and its amazing how many times I come back to it and everything just falls into place. 🙄 Do you have some books on clock repair????? some are really good with repair techniques, I found one Bob had mentioned, “Top 300 trade secrets of a master clockmaker” by J.M. Huckabee. he has some great ideas on repair techniques ect…. also “practical clock repair” by Donald de Carle, its an older book but has great info, both are worth every penny I paid….also remember that the frustrating ones are the ones we gain the most from. I hope you are having a great day :D , William