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Bob Tascione

    Hi Barkerclaudia,
    I got your email asking about where a new spring could be found and wanted to post the info up here.
    I’m sorry. When you mentioned in an earlier post that the pry bar slipped and broke the spring I was under the impression the small spring on the “outside” of the clock plate was the one that broke since it could be easily damaged by the slipping pry bar and I just assumed that the part that locks into the plate was the part that broke off. That’s why I suggested a T end spring. Is this the spring or is it one of the springs “between” the plates?

    You’ll need to take some measurements to be sure but does this look like the spring (this is a common Lux spring)? Does it have a loop end like the one shown in the pic in the link below?
    Here’s the link: http://www.clock-keys.com/CART/images/14201.JPG
    If so, then the sping shown can be ordered if the dimensions are the same as your spring. Should be 5/16″ (wide)x .010″ (thick) x 30″(long)

    You’ll need to measure the thickness with a micrometer or caliber. The length can be measured by wrapping a string around all the coils and then measuring the string. Add the length of the broken part to the overall length.
    Here’s the page to order if this is the one.

    If this isn’t the spring then you can check with a supplier like Timesavers by using the dimensions
    that you came up with. They will also need to know the type of spring that it is ie: loop end, hole at both ends, etc.
    If you need some help with identifying the spring please post a pic of it up here.

    Hope this helps,