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Bob Tascione

    Hi Barkerclaudia,
    You definitely earn an A+ for determination! :D
    I should have mentioned to you in our phone conversation earlier today to stop if things started flexing. Levers are tricky as they can deliver much more force than you may be aware of at the time. Pushing straight down with one finger (pushing forward may result in slipping) will be all that is needed if it’s going to come off. Anymore than that…well, surprise! Not a big problem though. The plate can be straightened out. Also the mainspring on the outside of the plate that broke is possibly just a T end small clock or large watch spring with one side of the T ground off so that’s easy to get too. As you mentioned on the phone though, this is a practice movement for you. When a lever doesn’t work then there are a couple of things you can try that almost always works. One is to apply heat (small flame) to the brass knob which will then expand, making it easier to pry off. Another one that never lets me down is soaking in penetrating oil (automatic transmission fluid) for several hours or longer if necessary.

    Almost there!