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    Well done for getting this far :)
    The adjusting knobs on the back should just pull off, look to see if they have small slots cut into them where they push on, you can put a small screwdriver into the slot and twist it just to open the ends up a little. As for the hands I am at a loss :( I have never seen anything like that, they are normaly held on with either a pin or a small threaded collet. At a guess I would say that pin is a push in type. With a small screw driver insert the tip between the pin and the hand a give a gentle twist to see if there is any give. You have to be gentle as too much force could damage the hand. If you notice any movement it should be a safe bet that it is push on. If you do get a little movement you can then try coming in from either side of the pin with small screwdrivers and levering up gently. This is all guesswork so if anyone knows better please advise.