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    Hi James, for clocks I use the collet sizes from 16 – 34 mostly for polishing and burnishing pivots. some of the smaller sizes for repivoting or pinions depending on the clock. if you can afford all of them, otherwise get every forth one and fill in as you go, I found a jewlers lathe with a set of collets when I first started… once in awhile I need something smaller or larger but I have a unimat with a 3 jaw chuck and larger set of collets for the larger things I do. If you can find a steady rest for your lathe, get it, I have made mine and it works fine but I am going to make another hopefully that will work better 🙄 . I dont know about prices new or used but I am cheap and always look for the deal, I think if they are used and not all mucked up that they would work fine, keep a eye out for that set someone is trying to sell, you never know when a deal will show up….If you are finding new ones cheaper then by all means go that route, it could be that vintage ones are more expensive because they are vintage, and yes alot of times the older tools ect….. are better quality. seems you are really excited to get going, I am happy for you, I know what it is like, I am still excited……sold my boat to finance alot of tools ect…I suppose I’ll have to use Bobs boat now since it is all his fault. 😆 William