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Bob Tascione

    Welcome to the forum BarkerClaudia!!
    If you need a little more help with directions on uploading pics the following link may be of help as it was covered pretty well in an earlier topic here: http://clockrepairtips.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=317&hilit=uploading
    Hope you find it helpful.

    Would like to see those pics too! If you would like to discuss repairing the clock it would be great If you could start a new topic titled something like “Gabriel Alarm clock” or just “Alarm clock” etc. it would help keep the thread on topic with the posts making it easier for members to navigate and find through the forum search function. As many of the members like to work on these Alarm clocks this topic might become a popular and fun one and with the title reflecting the content it will make it easy to find where it may otherwise go un-noticed as no one would really know the discussion was about alarm clocks with the title being “tools” :). Pheww, was that a long sentence or what? Of course if you just wish to discuss the tools needed to repair the clock rather than actually repairing it then your “tools” topic is good.

    Also please note..I probably drift post off topic more than anyone else up here so please don’t take this request personally! It just looks like you’ve hit on one of those topics that could be a very helpful one for many members so wouldn’t want to see it fade into oblivion. If given a good title it may be around a long time with more and more people adding to and benefiting from it.

    Thanks and enjoy for now!