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    @jnachman wrote:

    Hi there, i have replaced a upper cracked balance jewel with another from a matching movement.

    When i place the bridge over the balance wheel it starts to spin. However on tightening the screw, its stops and isnt free.

    Could it be that the jewel has been pushied in too much, i wouldnt of thought so as the cap is a screw type?

    Balance Pivots look good.

    Its a grade 109 Elgin Size 10 Pocket watch?



    Hi Johnathan
    I had a similar situation on my first Elgin 16s 15 jewel open face pocket watch. I had to restaff the watch. After restaffing and truing the balance wheel, setting it in without it’s hairspring, roller jewel, etc. it would spin until I tightened it down. The cause was the staff pivots were not passing thru the jewel holes.

    My watch maker / instructor (Nolan Holdridge) used his lathe to cut the pivots down slightly to fit the jewels. Yes it was an Elgin 861 balance staff which is what that watch calls for but the jewel holes were smaller than the staff pivots. Is it possible that there may be slight variations in dimensions even from donor watches of the same type?