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    I have been thinking about this for a day or so and have a thought. Is it possible that your balance cock is not sitting level or has been bent at some time? Had similar issue happen to me and found some tiny scratch marks on plate where someone had raised up the metal to accomodate a bent balance cock. When I asked here Bob also said that sometimes people have been known to shim up balance cock as well with thin piece of metal such as tin foil. What I might try is to put jewel back on donor movement then attach your good balance to that balance cock and see if that will run in your movement. As I write this I have forgotten which jewel you replaced but am assuming it was one on balance cock. Before replacing balance check plate underneath where it sits for small scratch marks and raised pieces of metel. If any are found they will have to be removed or you could transfer parts over and use plate off donor movement as well. As you can tell I have assumed a lot of things here. I have assumed balance staff pivots aren’t bent and they are seated properly in jewels. Those things could also give same issue. Just wanted to give you something to try as a trouble shooting method.
    Other possible issues could be bent hairspring that comes in contact as balance is tightened.