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    Welcome twoess, :D I too have dealt with that, NOW I do take the time to explain what in beat means and even tilt the clock so the customer can hear the differences, explaining how it is set up on a level bench and if their shelf or whatever isnt the same what kind of things they can do to solve the problem. Another thing to think about could be the different climate, ie. how cold or hot does a person keep the house, humidity, ectt?? as far as accuracy in timekeeping. house walls do move, maybe a door was shut hard????? who knows, like you said, that might be just the way it is. These are the things Paul I was talking about in not only having a sheet that explains the work done on it but also a sheet that would simply explain do’s and dont’s and things like putting a clock in beat and what that means. maybe there are some out there already????? William