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    Thats a common problem for me too, its the biggest pain in the butt, even worse when you sell a clock on e-bay, I now supply the customer with a printed out sheet on how to set the clock up. I have even thought about posting a video on youtube so they can listen to a clock in and out of beat and see how to adjust it, which of course will only work if your customer has a computer or the internet. The only advice i would give is what you already do, set it up to run on a perfectly flat surface and tell them to be very gentle with it and set it up on a perfectly flat surface when they get it home. The only trouble is to a lot of people a perfectly flat suface just looks level, they dont actualy check it with a level.
    One other thing I thought of doing was finding a cheap supply of blank cds and copying an audi of a clock running in and out of beat for the customer as it is quite a hard thing to explain. They just hear it ticking and think its all ok.
    Tough one.
    Oh and a very warm welcome to the forum :)
    Oh, I have just re-read your question, if your clock is running in and out of beat check the escape wheel pivots, should have next to no play in the bushes, just enough to run smoothly.