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Bob Tascione

    Haaa! I wish I knew Paul but your guess is as good as mine!

    My guess would be that a past Smith decided to move the escape wheel and pinion down the arbor a little to relocate where the teeth and pallets make contact (as William suggested). Perhaps the escape wheel was supported over too large a diameter hole and then the arbor was driven down with a punch bending and coning the wheel instead of moving it, reducing it’s diameter beyond the verges adjustment range.

    I would probably flaten the wheel back to what it was and if the grooves on the pallets are shallow enough would attempt to grind and polish them back to normal. If they are too far gone then I would replace the strip pallet on the arbor. If you go that route and want some info on doing it let me know as I can dig up a link to a couple of great pdfs covering the process.

    Good luck William!