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Bob Tascione

    Hi Phil,
    You may want to check that the balance hole and cap jewels are not broken or cracked. Also they must be VERY clean. When cleaning make sure to peg the hole jewels as this can make a big difference. Also check the condition of the pivots. Make sure they’re straight and have a good finish. Then check that the hairspring is laying flat and not touching the balance arm, underside of balance cock etc. and is between the regulator pins. Also check that the roller jewel is tight and perpendicular to the roller table. A loose jewel will rob the balance of impulse.
    If all looks well try putting the balance back into the watch without the pallet fork and give the watch a slight twist or tap the balance with a stiff brush bristle to get the balance vibrating and observe it’s action in different positions. It should vibrate freely in ALL positions and eventually come to a “gradual”, not abrupt stop.
    If this all checks out ok then replace the pallet fork and check it’s action without the balance by winding the watch and moving the pallet lever back and forth with a piece of peg wood. It should snap to the other pallet after impulse.
    Let us know how things check out and if all’s working well we can go on from there.

    Also please start a new thread “Topic” (I could do it but it would be under my user name) with the title “Waltham 16s Pocket Watch Problem” and I will move this and your previous post into it so this thread will have it’s own topic. Thanks

    Good luck,