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    Hi Dan, there are several thing that could be happening and I find it interesting that it would run for 2 hours then stop, if you are comfortable with doing this, try taking the dial face off and leave the works in the case, now with the works exposed put the minute hand back on, while advancing the time with the minute hand, observe the action of all the different lifting levers cams, ect….as you learn what each piece is designed to do while watching it go thru its sequence your problem may become more clear, look closely behind the snail at the little lever that would be lifted 4 separate times throughout the hour, it looks like a 4 pointed star, the last point before the hour is going to be longer than the rest as it will be trying to lift levers further than it would the first 3/4s of the hour so as to lift another lever. I am assuming you would have this type of mechanism, hope this helps and if you are able try and put some pictures up or let us know what your seeing. William P.S. I would ask if you have the weights in the right spots?