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Bob Tascione

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks. I wasn’t sure if you had a regular ultrasonic watch cleaning machine or a tank unit. That would be a tank unit. You can put the cleaning solution in one jar or beaker and the rinses in their own separate beakers. You can then place them one at a time into the unit which would be filled with water or a good cavitating solution. The waves will travel through the tank solution passing into and straight through the beakers. This topic is a very popular one up here and has been discussed quite a bit so you might find some of the past posts helpful. If you put “ultrasonic machine” into the forum search (at the top of this forum page) a bunch of posts will come up that you can read on the subject.
    A couple of very important points. Make sure the jars are VERY clean and do keep the final rinse as clean as possible. If you use three rinse beakers rather than two for the rinse (that’s a total of 4 beakers…one for the solution, 3 for rinses) your last rinse will last much longer which means you won’t need to rotate the rinses as often. You can use the first rinse as a quick dunk rinse just to remove most of the cleaning solution. This will keep the second beaker from becoming contaminated too quickly which of course will end up transferring into the final rinse. This first rinse will become contaminated rather quickly but will work well in keeping the two rinse beakers which are used in the ultrasonic much cleaner. Again, you’ll save solution this way as you won’t need to rotate the rinses as often.

    Hope this helps Bill,