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    The reason for the two lots of rinse Bill is to keep your second lot of rinse clean and to make sure every trace of cleaning solution is removed from the watch. When you first start off you will have your cleaning solution, a first jar of rinse which is clean and a second jar of rinse that is clean. When you clean your first watch in the cleaning solution it then goes into the first rinse, this contaminates the first rinse with a very small amount of cleaning solution, the watch then goes into the second jar of rinse which will still get contaminated with cleaning solution but nowhere near as much as the first rinse. Over time the first rinse gets very contaminated, you dispose of it and use your second rinse as your first rinse and pour out a new jar of second rinse. I hope that made sense 😯
    As for using denatured alcohol, it is a shellac solvent so you would have to watch your pallet jewels dont fall out as it disolves the shellac. One other problem I am reading is stuff is added to it to stop people drinking it. Lets hope it doesnt leave any residue on your freshly cleaned watch.
    Remember I am not a watch expert so I am sure someone will be along in a while to tell you if you should or shouldnt and what to look for when buying it.
    That L&R stuff is very expensive but when you work out how many movements you can clean with it you are looking at cents per movement rather than dollars. I have been messing about with different cleaning solutions for my clocks and after all the messing about, wasted time doing extra cleaning etc I am going to buy some L&R.