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Bob Tascione

    Got really lucky. Looks like Perrin has everything! Probably a lot of other places too.

    The following page shows the threaded rod. If you scroll down a bit you’ll also see a Bob (not a good selection but there are many up on eBay etc.) a Tall case Suspension assembly and just above that the Threaded “Spike” that fits inside the Bob and has the regulating nut on the end.
    You can also check ebay by putting “tall case pendulum bob” or whatever else you can think of into the search field.
    As far as the Bob weight goes…I have to admit I go by trial and error! Getting the movement in really good shape will help you figure out the Bob weight that you’ll need as well as the Weights that we talked about earlier. I usually go for the heavier end when it comes to the Bob. Light enough for the movement to handle it yet heavy enough to keep the arc in it’s intended operating range. Also adding or subtracting weight to the Bob will effect rate change by raising or lowering the center of gravity (oscillation) so finding a comfortable balance is the goal. Not nearly as hard as I’m making it sound here though.

    Hope this helps Paul!
    Thanks for starting such an interesting thread for all of us!!