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    Hi All,
    Seems as if I always find watches with strange issues. In my earlier topic on this jump hour I mentioned that hour wheel rose up and would not jump when it was supposed to. My solution was just to push minute disc down a bit more to hold hour wheel down. That worked well for about a week. Hour wheel eventually worked its way up, pushed minute disc up causing it to hit seconds disc which stopped watch. Hour wheel just sits on cannon pinion with nothing holding it down. I tried a dial shim but that put a drag on minute disc which held it back when setting watch. Thought that gear which drives hour wheel may have teeth worn at an angle which could have caused hour wheel to push up. Changed that out. Now I have noticed a slight click when putting hour wheel in place. Is it possible that there might be a friction point on the cannon pinion that holds hour wheel down and it is worn out? This puw 1560 movement is a very easy movement to work on and I would reccommend it to anyone wanting to start on an automatic. If it had normal hands there would be no issue at all. Found two more partial movements at Dashto with dial parts intact which should solve issue but I’m just curious to know what’s causing problem in first place.