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Bob Tascione

    Thanks for posting this Charles!
    I’ve been there more times than I wish to mention. Amazing how far those parts can fly when I forget to let down that spring!
    I don’t have that movement here with me to reference so this is just from memory SO attempt with caution because I may be wrong! If the movement doesn’t have an obvious click arrangement then it’s possible that you’ll find a hole in the top plate with access to a click that engages with the auto winding gears just under the rotor. You can swing the rotor out of the way to get to the hole. Might be somewhere around the 3 o’clock area. If you manually wind the watch and peek through the holes you should see the click moving if there is one. Again not sure so be careful and hold onto that crown.

    Sounds like you’re getting the hang of these jump hours!

    Please let us know if the click is or isn’t there as this may help others in the future.
    Adios for now,