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    This goes back to me asking a while back if there is any reason why this method would be any better compared to those already being used. If you are happy that you can clean a bunch of the bigger parts using that method and then clean the rest another way because you are happy with the results then I dont see a problem. If you are going to take up watch repair full time and need to get things done quick and to a good standard keep your eye on e-bay for one of the old watch cleaning machines. They were designed for that specific job and they do it very well.
    There are 3 on e-bay at the moment, I think the last two are a little pricey but even so, the amount of time they will save you will far outweigh the cost in the end.
    Dont take this post as a crtisism, there are better ways of doing things, some we are finding now and some through future technology will be available in the future. Its good to test new methods to see if it works any better but the 3 main criteria the new method has to fit are (and these are not in any order);
    1 Does this method save any time (if not do better results make up for spending a little more time)
    2 Am I getting better results with the new method (or at least as good if it is saving time).
    3 Am I 100% sure this is not going to cause any damage at all.

    Other considerations;
    4 Is this financialy viable (will it save me or the customer money?)
    5 Is this less harmful to the environment (this would relate to chemicals used in whatever process)
    and there are other things I have probably missed but you get the idea.