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Bob Tascione

    Hey William and Bill that actually sounds like it would be a lot of fun…but 7 years, no way!!

    I’ve stayed silent on the steam cleaning topic because I really don’t know much about it. At this point though I do agree with Jim when he mentions the danger of damaging parts. The only steam cleaners I’ve used in the past had quite a bit of pressure behind them and without that pressure it doesn’t seem like the steam would do too much. I guess you could clean each part one at a time …uuughh. Putting them together in baskets and blasting them with steam could be dangerous as the parts might damage each other. It doesn’t take much of a burr thrown up on a gear tooth to wreak havoc in a watch. Never really know ’till you try and looks like it worked for Bill so thanks for the info!

    Enjoy all,