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    Hi Bill and Jim, great insight on the steam cleaning, If you guys are like me I am always trying to think of better and more productive ways of accomplishing the task. 🙄 Bill, I am a newbie at the clock business myself and had tried to get someone from around here for the same reason, I did start some relationships but one guy wanted a arm and a leg to teach me, I can give a arm but I dont have a extra leg to give anymore. anyway if your ever coming to Minnesota make sure you give me a call and I will put the coffee on. (bring donuts). I was reading that section 13 of the charter granted to the worshipful company of clockmakers by Charles 1 on August 22, 1631, states that apprentices are to be bound to a free clockmaker for a period of seven years. Further ordinance XVII in the charter states that once the apprentice has duly served and been admitted as a freeman (or unbound) he shall serve 2 years as a journeyman and also produce his master-piece before he can be admitted as a work-master. sooooo I suggest we all travel to Bobs, stay for 7 years with free room and board, possibly access to his boat for thinking and brainstorming times and become master clock and watchmakers. ;) what do you think????? William