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    Hi guys,
    you have to do what is needed to get the watch/clock running. You could have just thought, stuff it, its too difficult, it will run ok without oiling and just not bothered, but the fact that you found a way to do it shows you have pride in your work and with that kind of attitude you will make your life easier (less problems with the watch later down the road) and it also gives a great sense of achievement.
    I, like you, have bought all the books and when I first started reading them I didnt have a clue what was being talked about. I work on clocks so with watches, because there are so many different varieties it must be 10x worse for you guys. Then as time goes on and you get a little experience picking up details here and there it all starts to come together and make sense. I have re-read a lot of those books now and although there are still parts where I am scratching my head and wondering what an earth they are trying to tell me, a lot more of it makes sense. I even know some of the proper part names now! :)
    The best advice I can give you is- Ask Questions. Dont ever think a question is silly or stupid.
    I have only been doing this for 4 or 5 years now which is nothing in terms of what there is to learn, I read, watch Bobs videos and do a lot of research on the internet. Google or Yahoo, whichever search engine you use is one of the most powerful resources. I had a french slate clock that the base had come away from in the post. I did a search “restoring french slate clock” and read through most of what I found. The current thinking is to epoxy the pieces of slate back together as it will never come apart again. I wanted to put it back how it was done originally and this was with plaster of paris. If the clock for any reason needs to be taken apart again I can just soak it in water and it will all come apart, dont think for a second that the plaster of paris isnt strong enough to hold it together. These clocks have been around for a minimum of 150 years and most are still intact.
    So dont ever feel you have done something wrong, unless you have done something to make the situation worse, there are going to be times when a different method is needed to get the job done. I had to put a mainspring back in a barrel by hand the other day as the clock mechanism had one barrel with the barrel cap facing the top plate and the other with the cap facing the back plate! Because the springs were wound in differently one of them wouldnt work in my mainspring winder so I had no choice but to do it by hand. If it gets the job done and you dont cause any harm doing it be pleased you got it done :)
    So well done guys for getting the job done and I hope I havn’t bored you by waffling on for too long.