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    Hi guys, :D Paul, did you get a facelift?????? looking better!!! say on the subject of customers you guys hit on things I have been thinking about lately and I would like to brainstorm some ideas along this subject, Paul can you send me your repair sheet, I use a blank job sheet and fill it in by hand but it would be better, I think, to have a check off sheet instead… I was going to make one up myself and I thought I would include some helpful hints for customers on setting up a clock, do and donts, ect….I really like the idea of some pictures also, maybe even showing parts repaired. Bob I like how you said you would polish before handing it to them, I have been wrapping the keys and pendulums in nice paper towels before giving to the customer and they always respond like its way over the top, but they like it….I do have to remember not to just talk about all the things that were wrong with their clock and had to be addressed but include positive comments…..they are usually heirloom pieces of some sort and customers are always interested in telling the story behind their clock. what a blessing it is to be the clock guy!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul, all I need now is a pipe like you have there, my corn-cob pipe just doesn’t go with the decor….. 🙄 William