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Bob Tascione

    You’re probably right Paul. I’m going to run a quick test on a plate by contaminating a little solution with some Slick 50 (will just add a little to the solution) and will check to see how or if it affects oil in an oil sink. If it stays put then no problem.
    Passing along important repair info to future smiths is always a good idea. I used to adhere a small clear shipping pouch to the inside or back of clocks with any info that needed to be passed along written on a piece of paper inside. This way I was pretty sure it would get into the correct hands rather than being forgotten or lost in a drawer somewhere. Have to be careful about where it’s attached as they REALLY stick and might present a problem to a fine finish. If no place can be found then it can usually just be set in the bottom of the case. A simple word of caution could be added to the paper about the Slick 50 and possible solution contamination. Even if it doesn’t cause a problem with the clock it’s a nice gesture for any future smith. That solution is expensive!

    Your idea about giving the customer info and photos is excellent! This helps them connect with their clock and with you and is such an easy yet helpful thing to do. It also makes good marketing sense. By doing that little extra the customer will realize that you not only care a great deal about their clock but also about them.
    When handing a clock or watch back to a customer (back when I had retail stores) I ALWAYS had a polishing cloth in my hand and would polish the clock or watch while talking history or some other interesting point about their timepiece (even if it was just a battery replacement!) I would often do this for several minutes before allowing them to touch it! When they did finally have it in their hands they would cuddle it like a baby! The pride in their timepiece and my work would pass right over the counter to them.
    Just taking that extra couple of minutes helped us get to know each other a little bit better and form a bond between us and their timepiece. It made me feel good about my day and work as I settled back down to the bench and hopefully did the same for them. Your folder idea would certainly do the same!