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    Nothing in life is ever simple Bob, but if after 15 years it is still working and has not gummed up the mainspring this has got to be a good thing. With it maybe sticking to the pivot holes, it is going to be such a small amount I cant see how this could cause too much of a problem. The one thing I was thinking of doing is producing a small folder for each customer that they will get back with the clock. This will detail exactly what has been done to their clock in terms of repair and service, will contain pictures of any repairs and also of their clock mechanism before and after cleaning. This can then be passed to the next person who services the clock if it is not me. Wether or not the folder gets lost is another question but I thought It would be a nice touch and the customer gets a little something back which hopefuly will help to keep their interest in their clock. You get a service book with your car so why not one for your clock? It will be a standard format document so all I will have to fill out is the repairs part and take a few pictures. This will contain the types of lubrication used as well.
    What do you think?