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    http://www.skepdic.com/slick50.html An interesting test done by Nasa is included in this report on slick 50. I am not saying its going to cause problems with your mainspring but I dont want to put the stuff in my car! I have seen lots of people swear by this stuff for mainsprings but what I would like to know is what happens when it comes back for its next clean and service. Have people been using this stuff for the past 5-10 years?
    Its funny but I have had enough springs through my hands now to know which ones have not been touched in a while, some come out almost like the day they were put back in after a service and some come out covered in the most awful crud. This is where I get confused, I am probably thinking about this way too much but I want to make sure I am doing the best job possible and that means using the best lubricants. Cheap is great but the clock or watch must not suffer because of it, I would rather spend extra and know the jobs been done as well as I can do it. Another guy on a forum said that for slick 50 to work properly it has to be exposed to high temperatures that you would find in an automobile engine. Mainsprings dont tend to get too hot.
    I dont know, I think I have got myself even more confused than when I started. Sometimes too many opinions just make you wish you hadnt asked the question.
    I will take a look and see if keystone is available here and try that.