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    Hi Randy,
    You can remove the springs by hand, its always better to use a mainspring tool if possible as it reduces the risk of distortion but if you go carefully you should be ok. I am guessing if the springs are original they will need to be replaced anyway. I seem to remember Bob showing in his video how to remove a spring by hand (He is going to murder me if I got that that wrong! :) )
    If you do have a go please make sure you wear eye protection and gloves. I have done a few by hand and the idea of doing it is more frightening than actualy doing it. If the spring doesnt open out to at least two and a half times the diameter of the barrel it will need to be replaced.
    Thats the problem with Westminster chimes, it could be a combination of very minor problems that add up to stop it working.
    Keep us updated Randy and good luck.