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    Thanks Paul.
    The chime sequence always seems to work.
    And I’ve actually had it run for 4-8 hours stretches before it goes into this pattern of stopping just before the hour.
    I did have to adjust the tension spring that regulates the ratcheted arm that moves up as the hours are counted off.
    Before I did, it would continue to chime until it wound down.
    Maybe I over did it ???

    The mainsprings ( this has three ), are old, and one or more could be hanging up at full wind due to corrosion.
    I have a let down tool,..but not a winder, so I’ve not taken them apart and replaced them.

    Ill double check for binding, and I’ll try hard to get a shot of the movement on here in a day or so.

    Really appreciate the suggestions !!

    All my best,