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    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the reply.The watch is a Nameton, 21 jewel, 2pos, the plate is 27mm. (aprox). I have found another swiss movement that I am attempting to use the centre wheel out of. Its not the same, but I have cut the pinion shoulder down to the correct diameter, but the pinion itself is a little long, so I guess I will have to trim the leaves to get a little more clearance for the gear. I tried to remove the old pinion but to no avail. I guess what I need is a piece of pinion wire and start from scratch. I was fortunate to have practised with my lathe this winter while down south so I was able to use the lathe and my cut is right on !!!! Thanks for that !!! I have been really enjoying your course but a bunch more “tips” would sure be useful!! Any thought on where to get pinion wire ???? Any other thoughts or suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.