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    Hey Dave, Good job on asking for advice someone here will be able to help you out!!!!take a look at my pics in my shop, a good drawing on my wall for you!!!!(I look at it all the time) 🙄 It can be a challenge, I work on clocks only, maybe someday pocket watches, but from my experience in clocks and even anything else in life things can get real frustrating!!! 😥 but with a little time and going thru the process many times things do get easier. I sometimes tell myself that by doing it over and over and over and over and………………………………………..is going to make me better at it. I do many times take a walk to think and calm down 8-) THEN come back to it. I am amazed at how taking the short break will jar loose a new thought on what to do next, sometime many breaks throughout the problem. Sooooooo dont giveup and keep on keeping on and soon you will be the best at it. William