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    Hi All,
    I should have taken pictures of that jump hour stuff while I had it out but my hands were kind of tied up holding onto it all. Imagine the hour wheel capped by a flat disc. The hour disc itself sits in a slot going around the outer edge of this disc. Then take a spring and coil it around the flat disc on top of the hour wheel and attaching one end to the hour disc itself being careful not to drop anything or lose the only spring in the world for this part. After you have done that and it took me several hours to figure out how to do it you have to place a small disc on top of everything and screw it down to hold everything else in place.
    As for the seconds disc I still haven’t figured out a solution. I checked out center sweep pinion and it is straight. Put on a regular second hand and it runs nicely and doesn’t hit anything. I did ask guy who owns watch if he knows how things such as a mashed tooth on a gear could have happened and he said he did fall off the back of a truck several times while wearing it. Am thinking of maybe opening hole in second disc a bit more then closing it back to see if that might get it straight. Going to study on it a bit more before trying that though. Have to think of something because watch will not run with seconds disc on it. Even toyed with idea of copying disc then laminating copy and making whole new one. Getting a bit wild here. I will take a picture of watch as it is now and post later so you can see where I’m at.
    Charles K