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    OK thought I would update a little more. First off never mind about the coil spring that advances the hour wheel. I placed hour disc on hour wheel, held end of spring with thumbnail then took small screwdriver and rotated spring around until it fell into slot on hour wheel. May not be proper method but it worked. Is sort of tedious and I was worried about spring launching into unknown regions. I also figured out what caused hour wheel to advance. There is a small point on minute disc that pushes arm away that holds back hour wheel. Pushes arm back then hour wheel is released to move. Also figured two hour gap on hour wheel is to allow spring to tense up so minute wheel point should hit arm at same time that spring is under full pressure. Also there is an adjustment on that arm to accomodate wear on hour wheel or whatever as if it isn’t adjusted properly wheel will not be held back and then it will not jump. Needless to say I have got those two discs on now. Second disc however seems warped and will hit on minute disc. May be part of original issues. Actually disc is nice and flat but it sits on second pinion unevenly. Not exactly sure what I’m going to do about that. Anyway it’s fun figuring this new stuff out.