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    Just wanted to update and brag on Dashto a bit. I paid for movement I needed Friday, he shipped it Saturday and I got it in mail today on Monday. I do have a question out of curosity about how this jump hour movement jumps at the correct time. Between the hour dial and wheel there is a spring. One end of spring is inserted into hour disc and there is a slot for spring to move inside hour wheel and top. This slot seems to be about two hours wide. When spring reaches bottom of slot it will push disc forward past little arm and then stop at a center position of hour. Am I missing something? Just seems to be too large of a gap to insure proper timekeeping. Also are there any tips on putting that spring back other than don’t take it out? I have worked out a plan to hold end that goes into hour wheel and try to tighten it a bit from the center. May not be best plan so if there are any other ideas I would appreciate the info.