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    After posted last night I found the AS shield plus the numbers 2080. This causes me a bit more of a puzzle as I find no information on that caliber. It is surely in the family of movements shown in the links posted, thanks. Checked that site well and no mention of 2080. Went back to Borel and checked with no luck. My bestfit makes no mention of 2080. There is an automatic 2082. Hard to check for parts interchangeability like that. Did see that Dashto has some working movements in same family in fact they have some 2066 automatics but I don’t know if parts will exchange. I have found one other watch like one I’m dealing with but it is automatic. The case is large enough to hold automatic and I’m now wondering if sometime in past watch had parts removed for some reason. I’m keeping searching and really want to get watch going. Guy said his wife gave him watch 30 years ago. If I can’t find correct parts is it possible to transfer parts from dial on this jump hour onto another movement in same family? Seconds disc sets on center sweep pinion, hour disc rides on minute wheel. Hour wheel acts like a date ring, just moves more often.
    I do get a kick out of trying to figure out ways to find parts to get these old watches going but I do get cazy ideas sometimes. I guess you guys with lathe have it easier but I haven’t got one.
    Charles K