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    Thanks for the help. I finally decided to open up watch to see what I had. As I said watch was of a style that when back was removed the movement remained in back and tube for stem was made into the back so could not get to stem release. Used hand puller to remove stem. It came out without doing any damage however it did not spilt. After I got it out I then split it and put male part back in movement. Took other part and put omega crown on it. By the way it takes a little feel to find right spot to line the two halves up when replacing them when movement is in case and can’t see other end of stem. Didn’t think of listening to beat to determine caliber family. Turned out it was 1001. Now I have to decide what to do about dial. One I have will work but it is pretty bad shape as well. Weighing options of sending one off to be refinished or looking for non-running constellation with good dial and switching.