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    Hey Jules, yes it is possible temperature, ultrasonic waves, solution chemicals, ect…causing different types of reactions. Have you tried to find the different components to make your cleaning solution? I think Bob has the formula in one of his videos. To save money when I had first started I was making my own solution, it worked pretty good BUT I was careful to use the exact components that others have used and proven to work. After messing with that for awhile it became evident that buying concentrated clock cleaning solution was the best for me, I have recently switched from timekeepers (low odor) to L&R (very potent odor) clock cleaning solution, though with the higher odor I invested into a simple exhaust fan that blow it outside and clears the air in the shop (for the most part) could always use a separate room for cleaning….o.k. now I am getting off track….I guess what I am saying is you may save time and money in the long run by getting something that has been proven to work, less worry about potential damage and discoloration ect…..remember I am coming from a business perspective and am dealing with a customers clock.