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    Hi Jim, I had also bought a bunch of bushings in a box thinking I would save some money, The trick for me was when starting out I wanted to find out what sizes I would use the most and just order those, It was so confusing to me in what to get……I finally bought the Bergeon bushing assortment for clocks and have gone from there. I think it cost $125.00 or something like that but was worth it to me, every once in awhile I will need that odd one. now I keep a list of what I use and when I get low I order that particular size in a larger quantity and my supply is kind of taking care of itself so to speak. For the cost of a bushing compared to what a well running clock for the family or repair job pay, it is minimal. I remember getting pretty frustrated searching for the right bushing as Paul does, and wasting a bunch of time ;) . I suppose I will dig thru those someday when I get bored or maybe send them to Paul?????? William