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    My name is Jim AKA Digitaltripper on here and on NAWCC and in general all over the internet,, flicker, etc. First thank you Bob for this form and the video courses. Very awesome. My question relates to organization in that I purchased some bushings in bulk, a sort of selection but all packaged together. I acquired a 100 bushing assortment, 10 of each size. I did sort them into containers. I can use my caliper and get the outside diameter and height but how do I measure the inside diameter? Based on outside diameter, I can measure my reamer bits and get an idea of what reamer to use. I guess I could just try the bushing on the pivot and go from there. I want to get the bushing gauge but just starting out so I’ll get it after awhile…I think in the future, I’ll buy bushing sets that are labeled so that I can use them with ease as it were rather than buy loose bushings that I have to fiddle with to use…